My fitness journey began in 2002 due to a back injury. I didn't want to have back problems for the rest of my life, so I joined a gym to get stronger. After a few months I began taking Kung Fu and later on, Kickboxing. I did those for a combined 11 years.

     I continued to weight train on the side, but slowly my focus began to drift more and more into strength and conditioning. I decided to turn my passion into my career and acquired my personal training certification.

     While training clients, I've continued my own growth as an athlete and started practicing the Olympic lifts, dabbling in Crossfit and powerlifting. I enjoy the challenge this provides, both physically and mentally.

     I look forward to passing on the knowledge that I've gained, both through formal study and personal experience.



Certifications and Experience



A.C.E. Certified Personal Trainer

A.C.E. Certified Sports Conditioning Specialist

TRX Certified

A.H.A. Heartsaver CPR/AED


Weight Training


Olympic Lifting




Free Consultation

Assessment $75

Single Session $1o5

5 Session Package $500

10 Session Package $950

20 Session Package $1800

Per Session for Couples $120


I've been working with James for 6 months and he's a fantastic trainer. I've been weightlifting on and off for a long time but James has helped me completely rethink my technique and now I'm making strength gains I never thought I could. Each time I think I'm going to plateau, he provides a new piece of insight for me to think about and I keep moving up. He's also a great guy to just chat with and isn't one of those annoyingly over the top personalities trainers tend to have. Would highly recommend working with him if you can!

Harj T.


About me: When I started I was hardly able to do one proper push up, hadn't ever even touched a barbell and wouldn't have known what bulgarian split squats are.

Now I deadlift roughly 155 lbs (I don't even know what my one rep max is, this weight is for 5 x 7), I do proper push ups and have a love hate relationship with bulgarian split squats.

About him: He's few in words, kind, smart and has this unmistakable ability to know what your body is capable of - even when you yourself think there's no way you'd be able to do that (whatever "that" might be). He pushes you to challenge yourself and suddenly you just notice "Goodness, look how far I've come!".

Unfortunately I couldn't keep having him as my face-to-face PT, as now I live on the other side of this wee planet. Shucks, as I do miss training with him.

Highly recommend!

Jenny T.


James is the only thing preventing my complete moral degradation. Great value as my 2 hours/week trainer. I've definitely been getting stronger. Very gentle and sweet fellow with considerable experience in physical training. I recommend him.

Michael S.


James is a great trainer and exactly what I was looking for.

I had been looking for a personal trainer for some time. I wanted to get back into shape and learn a martial art or regain some of my old boxing skills. I tried crossfit a year ago, but it seemed like they were trying to kill me. I went to a boxing gym 2 years ago, but the trainer acted like I didn't exist.

James has put together a customized routine for me that he adjusts as I improve. I can actually see an increase in stamina and strength every couple weeks or so. This beats every alternative I've tried and can think of. There is no reason not to at least give James a call. He'll give you a free consultation.

Give James a try. You will not regret it.

Ben M.


Well well well...what can we say about Sir James Pitts other than are you ready for Pittsanity? Actually James is not an in your face yell at you trainer by any means. If you are looking for that then he is not your man. But if you are looking for a partner on your journey to a better body, more balanced life, and better life then he is your man. You bring the desire and he brings the skills and experience to help you achieve your goals...oh yeah and he also brings the weights too. How cool is that, wherever you are he comes to you and charges you what he would have to pay if he ubered to you and back. I keep telling him he needs to up his rates as he is so worth it. The other part about his program is his moderate progression. You always leave wanting to do a bit more (well maybe not always) but most times. That means you don't burn out and you don't get injured. Smart! He was also an extra in a movie in LA once. I wont reveal the movie but if you work with him make sure to ask him about his mad actor creds. In the meantime what are you waiting for? Get off your butt and give James a call. Are you read for Pittsanity? :)

Derek S.









Now training out of Triptypch Strength!

Triptych Strength is an excellent, fully equipped , semi-private gym for all your strength and conditioning needs.

Equipment includes:

Four full Power Racks

6x8 Olympic Lifting Platform with band pegs

Belt Squat Machine

Glute Ham Raise and Reverse Hyper Machines

Two Dual Pulley Cable machines, one with a Smith Bar

Dumbbells from 2.5lbs up to 100lbs

Ketllebell pairs from 9lbs up to 106lbs

Specialty Barbells

70ft long Artificial Turf Track

Prowler Sled and Battleropes

TRX Straps and Gymnastic Rings

3 Bathrooms (2 with showers)

Free Towel Service, Fruit, and Coffee

and more

Triptych Strength

3450 Third Street

Suite 4C

San Francisco, Ca 94124

Online Training

What it is…

Online training is a more cost effective and schedule friendly way for prospective clients to get the benefits of a personal trainer. Because the training is not done in person the rates can be much lower, but the value is still there. Workouts can be done at the client’s convenience, having removed the need to schedule around the trainer’s availability.

My online programming is very personalized. I keep my number of online clients low so I can put the proper time into each person. Though the cost compared to in-person training is low, the value and effort I put into each program is not.

Some clients’ workouts may look similar, but I do not do cookie cutter programming. A long term plan will be thought out, but I like to go week to week as far as progress. Workouts will be adjusted due to technique work, recovery, or just life.

Who is it for…

My online training programs are focused on strength and conditioning and/or powerlifting. I am looking for clients with at least some experience in the basic lifts (squat, bench, and deadlift); not absolute beginners. Dedication and trust in the programming is crucial.

Perhaps you’ve been lifting for a few months, have a basic grasp of the lifts, but need someone to help you dial in your technique.

Maybe you feel like you’ve got your technique down, have been following a basic program, but now want something a little more advanced and someone to guide you and hold you accountable along the way.

It could be that you’ve gotten stronger, but your conditioning has suffered and you want to find a way to work on both.

It could also be some combination of all of these.

In addition to having at least a little experience, my online clients are willing to put in the work. The programming won’t work if you don’t follow it. Be prepared to have homework and give feedback (in writing and video).

What I do…

  • Analyze initial intake information, including written and video submissions.

  • Program your workouts based on how many days a week and hours per session you are available, goals, experience, and technical proficiency.

  • Deliver workouts via the https://bridgeathletic.com/ app.

  • Include mobility and recovery work, Where necessary.

  • Check-in the day after each workout for a brief synopsis; soreness, overall difficulty, etc.

  • Review workouts afterwards to check for completion and to analyze any video submissions.

  • Give feedback on each workout based on results and give technique cues where necessary

  • Weekly 30 minute phone or video call to review the week as a whole.

  • Adjust program, if necessary, and deliver for the next week.

  • Nutrition guidance, if needed.

  • Ongoing tips and suggestions via messages, articles, and video links to help improve any and all aspects of your training.

    What you do…

  • After initial consultation and onboarding, download the Bridge app and create account.

  • Receive and review workouts.

  • Fill out daily performance log in app.

  • Perform workouts as prescribed, or to the best of your ability, and record in the app.

  • If needed, adjust reps or weights for exercises and give notes in the app.

  • Include video of exercises, when requested, within the app.

  • Respond to post-workout check-ins.

  • Do any prescribed mobility and recovery work.

  • Participate in weekly 30 minute phone or video call to review the week as a whole.

    Getting started…

    The easiest way to get the ball rolling is to just reach out. Shoot me an email or a text and lets start a conversation. One of the biggest parts of personal training and coaching, even online, is the fit. We need to make sure we’re on the same page. After making your initial inquiry, we’ll set up a phone or video consultation. We’ll talk about your current and past lifting, availability, goals, injuries, etc. Also, it’s just an opportunity for us to get to know each other a bit and develop a rapport.

    If we decide to move forward, I’ll send you a set of intake forms for you to fill out and send back. Also, I’ll have you record some sets of the basic lifts so I can review them and start the process of technique improvement, if needed. I’ll also need an idea of the weights you have been currently lifting and an idea of the type of program you’ve been running, if any.

    Then, with the information I’ve gathered, I will develop a program tailored to you skill set and needs. This will include the main lifts, but also accessory exercises to shore up any weaknesses and make the main lifts stronger. If we are including conditioning in your program, this will be developed to improve that, but also to not hinder your strength gains, if that is your focus.

    A long term plan will be laid out, but adjustments will be made week to week using the feedback given by you via messages and video submissions. Feedback will be given by me to help improve technique, make you stronger and to keep you lifting safely.


    The pricing listed below is all inclusive; initial consultation, video assessment and current program analysis, ongoing programming, feedback, accountability and support. The only differences in pricing is a discount for larger packages, regardless of number of workouts per week. My aim is to give quality programming and attention to each individual I take on and provide a high value service. Though this is an online service, I want each of my clients to feel like they are just as important as my in-person people.

  • 6 week block/$550

  • 12 week block/$1050

  • 18 week block/$1500

    I do packages in 6 week blocks because progress takes time. As I said before, I’m looking for dedicated clients that are willing to trust the process and let it work. You need time to get used to the program and I need time to get to know you better as an athlete.

    Payment is due after initial consultation and can be made through Venmo or Paypal. No refunds will be given except in extreme circumstances.